Are you looking to revamp your brand identity and elevate your brand’s presence? Want to redesign your marketing collateral so you stand out from your competitors? Or maybe you’re looking for a well designed functional new website that works for you while you sleep?

Ochre Design has you covered!

Based in Portland, Oregon, Ochre Design offers premier graphic design services to make sure you and your business stand out from your competitors. From logo to website, I will craft products that honor your business and the hard work you commit to it each day.

WHY work with me?

With over 18 years of experience in design – and having won several awards and accolades along the way – I can help with all your graphic design needs:

My work is thoughtful and conceptual and unique to each client. With an artist’s eye and thorough research, I craft designs that speak to your business identity and communicate your brand’s vision through graphics.

Some of my past clients include…

Reach out today to talk about your design needs and plans. You’ll be on your way to stunning marketing materials in no time.

Oh! also read what my clients have to say!

Let me tell y’all about Malini Gupta. If you don’t already know how insanely talented this woman is, you need to book a consultation with her. Even if you think you don’t need any graphic work done right now – you’re wrong. Her brain is constantly thinking of creative ways to illustrate things. And she’s better at it than you, ask me how I know…
I was on the call with her for less than 10 minutes and she thought up something that made me think, “omg that’s a brilliant idea!” -and I had only given her ONE WORD. And it was a hard abstract one, too – not “apple” or “nerd” or anything easy. Throw your money at her & let her do magic with it. Freaking tiny little genius that she is!

Tarrah Adams, Moxie Finiancial

FUN FACT: My work is published in books, mags and newspapers! Whoa!!

That’s right! My graphic design work and art has been published in 500 Handmade Books (Lark Publication), Oregon Home Magazine, PNCA Catalog and most recently in The Times of India! Whoot whoot! It’s fun to see your work being talked about and to have it be reviewed by professionals! My Graphic Design book “From Familiar to Unfamiliar” was published in “500 Handmade Books” – a juried compilation of handmade books from around US.

Juror: Steve Miller
Publisher: Lark Press, US