Meet the Designer and the Artist behind the magic at OCHRE!

Originally from India, I moved to the US to study Communication Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon. What started as a thesis project for my design degree, making artist books has now become my passion and profession – along with graphic design. My interest in artist books also led me to pursue a Post Baccalaureate degree in Book Arts at Oregon College of Art & Craft. 

When Im not designing logos and website designs you can find me playing board games with me twin daughters, hiking, cooking and most recently baking with them! 

My daughters also love critiquing logo designs – apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – ever since they were little. I remember once one of them asked me why KIA logo had a upside down V instead of an A? Anyone? This was when they were 4ish and learning to write the alphabet. Audi logo was their favorite logo to draw.

They have also created their own business cards and and often design their own books. Cute! Surely mom can’t be the only one designing books.

I have also collaborated with them to design a ebook for kids. It’s an ebook to teach children Hindi alphabet. I used their drawings as illustrations throughout the book, because who would know the target audience better. 

Most recently, when I was working on a signage design project for a preschool, I had them draw rainbows in various colors to help me figure out the rainbow color scheme for their logo! Again, who knows the target audience better than them? 

I never wanted to have kids because it would slow down my graphic design career but now that I’m a mom to these two beautiful souls I can’t imagine a life without them. 

I live in beautiful Portland Oregon with my husband and twin daughters. 

Malini Gupta