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SHEILA DE LA ROSA | Editor, Oregon Home Magazine

I am the editor of Oregon Home and have been in the magazine publishing for the last 25 years.  On request, I’ve written many letters of recommendations for editors and art directors with whom I’ve worked, but this is only the second time in my career that I’ve asked a creative type to let me write a letter of rec for them. This speaks to how talented I believe Ms. Gupta is.

Ms Gupta is an art director beyond her years. I like her understanding of typography and her ability to convey a magazine feature’s tone through its display type treatment. She’s also is great with color. She often dreamed up unconventional color combinations and knows when to use color sparingly.

One of the reasons why I remain taken with Ms. Gupta’s work is that along with the raw talent, she has an excellent work ethic. She had many tedious chores to do while working on several issues of Oregon Home — flowing text into Special Advertising section layouts that couldn’t be changed much, she always stayed on task, even if my corrections were minute and even when they spilled over into her lunchtime. “I’m not going to lunch until I finish this bird’s-eye view of this property!” she once said, then she sat in her chair, mouse in hand, until 20 minutes later, when she showed me the finished job and I gave her final approval that the schematic was spot-on.

One of Ms. Gupta’s greatest strength’s—and the reason why she is also one of the most productive art directors I have worked with — is that she doesn’t waste a lot of time on designs that fall short and she is also good at getting feedback from the editor sooner than later, so that course corrections can be made and filtered into her next pass at whatever she is working on. Too many art directors rework elements on a page over and over again because they can’t bear the thought of leaving something they’re wedded to on the cutting room floor. Ms. Gupta’s skill at assessing her own work and reacting to constructive criticism is exemplary.

In a creative world in which too many art school grads are more Photoshop Boys (and girls), it is a joy to have worked with someone like Ms. Gupta.


Malini brought so much unique creativity to Oregon Home magazine. Her color sense is sophisticated and her ability to design comes from a truly artistic mind!
TOM BOOTH | Associate Director, Oregon State University Press
We’re delighted with how the book cover for “Native Space” came out—thanks for all your good work on the project.
SALLY KEASLER | Tea Maker, Mama-te-a
I am so thrilled with the lovely unique logo & layout design you created for us. You listened and were so patient and did SO much work for the perfect outcome. Thank you, thank you . I am excited & proud to launch my new brand of herbal teas, Mama-te-a, with your beautiful work all over them.
KRISTIN RATTEN | Owner & principal teacher, Little Lambs Preschool
Malini is phenomenal to work with! She took so much time getting to know my business and me so that she could craft the perfect logo. If you want a one-of-a-kind logo for your business, or any other graphic design work, you need Malini.